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We are constantly involved in Gaining Knowledge and Solving Problems. While it is hard to draw a strict boundary between the two streams, Gaining Knowledge represents our efforts at disseminating interesting thoughts and Problem Solving is the work we have done with clients in resolving their concerns. Please see below for more details.
Examples of our Problem Solving include(1)

Gain Knowledge Group on 'Our Value Proposition'. Presentation to potential clients outlining what we do, how we do it and why it leads to the most effective solutions to their problems.

What Clients Say About Us

“I run a medical clinic in Philadelphia and approached GKG for consultation on a new venture. GKG impressed me with its professionalism, attention to details and work ethics by providing concise project plans on time and with promised quality. With their help I now have a clear idea about how, where and when to start my new laser hair removal facility. I would easily recommend GKG to businesses looking for solutions to problems facing their organizations in any domain.”

“ Outstanding marketing service, GKG is going to be my business consultant forever. 100% recommended! Thanks and welcome to my team! :) I couldn't be happier with their services!. You can't imagine how friendly and knowledgeable the Problem Solvers @ GKG are !. They are great, always up to discuss anything and very friendly and skillful. I am amazed and very satisfied. ”

Examples of Our Past Assignments

  • Strategic advice to startup companies to help them obtain venture capital funding.
  • Analyzing consumer behavior to launch new products.
  • Building financial models to reduce expenses in small to mid size companies.
  • Litigation economics as related to product liability, employment, securities & corporate law.
  • Developing a fish farm franchising model for sub Saharan Africa.
  • Sustainable development as applied to companies in North America & Asia.
  • Conducting market research for data storage devices.
  • Valuation of illiquid assets, public & private companies (2).
  • Risk measurement and pricing of equity, debt, foreign exchange and derivative products (2).
  • Increase collaboration between trading & marketing divisions of an investment firm (2).

Small and Medium Enterprise Utilities

(1)We do not reveal the names of our clients and specific details of previous cases due to confidentiality reasons except under circumstances where an explicit arrangement has been reached to disclose selected material for promotional purposes. 

(2) We currently do not undertake any projects for financial service firms. These projects were done in the past and highlight our cross-disciplinary skills. We continue to work with academic institutions and other non-financial service organizations and our solutions to their problems might involve finance and economic concepts.

 Problem Solvers @ Gain Knowledge.
Below links lead to our Knowledge Nuggets.

Gain Knowledge Group on 'Small-Biz as a Solution Against Corruption; Other ills of Society'.

Gain Knowledge Group on 'The Existential Question'. Why was Gain Knowledge Group created?

Gain Knowledge Group offers '9/11 Tribute and Some Food For Thought'.

Gain Knowledge Group on 'Hardware, Software and Underwear (Underware)'. Emerging Technology Trends Globally as well as in Developed and Emerging Asia. Presentation to Engineering Students on the opportunity for Asian Entrepreneurs in the Mobile Computing Space.

Gain Knowledge Group on Successful Entrepreneurship - Instant Beer Case Study illustrating Product Launch Concepts.

Gain Knowledge Group unveils its 'Problem Solving Series'. Pictures and drawings that we find amusing, interesting and illuminating. We hope you do too.

Gain Knowledge Group offers 'Logo To Go'. An iterative and evolutionary design process to create a custom Logo, perfect for your organization.

Gain Knowledge Group on 'Ideas @ Work'. Smart Products and Creative Concepts that can lead to such products.

Gain Knowledge Group poses 'The Challenge - Is Math Fun?' A collection of tidbits that might or might not be mathematical but might just make math more manageable.

Gain Knowledge Group on 'Powers of Observation - See, Study & Smile'. Learning to deal with the tricks our eyes play on our minds.

Gain Knowledge Group comedy titled 'Go Bald and Get Gold in Business'. A satirical piece on business success, which has since been found to be partially true based on other formal studies.

Gain Knowledge Group research paper on 'Solving Society's Big Ills, A Small Step'.

Gain Knowledge Group research paper on 'The Uncertainty Principle of the Social Sciences'.

Gain Knowledge Group research paper on 'The Circle of Investment'. Connecting the Dots of the Portfolio Management Cycle ... under the Purview of the Uncertainty Principle of the Social Sciences.

Gain Knowledge Group research paper on 'Financial Services, Economic Growth and Well-Being'. A Four Pronged Study.

Gain Knowledge Group research paper on 'Dynamic Multi-Factor Bid-Offer Adjustment Model'. A Feedback Mechanism for Dealers (Market Makers) to Deal (Grapple) with the Uncertainty Principle of the Social Sciences.

Gain Knowledge Group Quotes on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN).

Gain Knowledge Group Collected Works on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN).

Gain Knowledge Group shares 'Obvious Adams by Robert R. Updegraff - A Problem Solver's Tale'. The story that inspired and continues to invigorate our Problem Solvers.

Gain Knowledge Group shares 'The Road To Serfdom by F.A. Hayek'. After Gain Knowledge Group was created, there were certain ex-post realizations of the overlap between our mission and the issues outlined in this seminal work.

Gain Knowledge Group Discussion Board on Facebook.

Gain Knowledge Group Featured on NYC Interviews.

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Problem Solvers @ Gain Knowledge.

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